Three Love Poems

By Gabriel Martínez Barre, Antonio Di Bianco, Christian Doig

Returning Home

We prefer long afternoons and infinite nights, 
the dawn is insolent when it arrives: 
it makes us order our emotions under a bed, 
light is prison, hours: suffocation.

Help me to sleep with joy. 
Tell me again what you've been through, 
hold the sounds of what you didn’t.

I imagine you 
praying in a chair 
or resting on a roof, 
eyes crying into bare palms. 

I see that bringing your spirit down by my words 
is useless. You are clumsy, ambitious, tender, sincere 
and easy to dream. 
But the calm of you brings me peace.

Gabriel Martínez Barre was born in Ecuador in 1992. He was one the winners in the IV literary contest Orellana Lee organized by MACCO-EP of Equador and one of the winners of the contest Derivas Urbanas organized by the Bahía Blanca Festival of Argentina. Some of his short stories will be published in the anthology of Mar de Tinta- Edición Creativa of Mexico. He is a mechanical engineer.

I have searched for you 

I have searched for you,
how much I have searched for you, 
in the lively nights of Seville, 
in the magic of San Francisco, 
in the colors of Amsterdam, 
in the streets of London. 

I have looked for you by coming home, 
and I have looked for you by leaving. 
I have changed form and language, 
to find you where I did not think you were. 

I have prayed to find you, 
I have lost myself by the things of the world, 
so that you could cross me. 

But you were not.

every day, 
every night, 
every sunrise, 
every thought
is for you.

When you are ready, 
I will love you.

Antonio Di Bianco of Italy, has a degree in clinical psychology and rehabilitation, and a master's degree in "Human Resources Management" from the remote university "N. Cusano" in Rome, Italy. He speaks four languages and has been writing since he was 16 years old. 

To Sue Lyon in Heaven 

Fire of my fancy 
Life of my surreality 
Heart drawn over my ars poetica with crayon 
The long tears of a misfit never dry 

I mistook you in this world 
You belonged to the folly of God 
Because you are golden and good 
Paradise calls you nevermore 

Nabokov saw you by the sea 
Kubrick directed you 
James Mason played me me 
But Sue Lyon is on the tip of my tongue 

I believed in you when I was a kid 
Enamoured with porcelain girls out of my league 
Blonde, glamorous, angelic, awaken by Dickens 
But the real deal was in a serenity of broken mirrors 

You were forbidden even back then 
So much I had to sign with my blood 
The contract to keep my picture a secret 
And chase after the silver shadow of your eyes 

Now you are a flaming radiant butterfly of a star 
Up there smiling your skiest coquettish nymphetish fetish fatale smile 
A wish newborn on December 26 of 2019 
Forever fourteen for ever (caught in) wonder wonderland 

Lolita my love 
Lo lee ta lo lee pop 
Lo and behold 
You are gone

Christian Doig is a writer and film reviewer from Peru, South America. Doig studied Literature at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. Both his general studies and licentiate theses focused on the cinema of Luis Buñuel.