The Heartbeat of God by Keren-Or Tayar

This land has held so much
It holds me, too, in ways,
and in other ways, not
yet, it’s home, the bones of this body know,
dancing to pulses etched in
records of Ancient Stone
a witnessing host
to mystics and mysteries
prayers echoing antiquity
creation and confusion
convolution and contribution
to the Sacred, from the Sacred, in the name of The Sacred

Love and longing
A long for belonging,
where trauma bonds
and a shared feast of spices and ache
births beauty and song,
and war and division,
and flavors, and magic, and potential and vision
accompanied by the sound
of the all-unifying
primordial hum

There is light in dark
and dark in light
and through the contradiction,
the grandest of illusion,
lives the true constitution
The essence, the blueprint
The heartbeat of God.

Keren-Or Tayar is a singer, songwriter, and shamanic healer. She splits her time between New York and Tel Aviv. You can find her music online here.