New Book Release: A Symphony of Thought by Eric Christian

The American Sublime is pleased to announce the publication of its first book: A Symphony of Thought, written by American composer and pianist, Eric Christian.

From the back cover:

“Music begins where words end; depending on where you’re coming from, this also works the other way round. Indeed, there is a long tradition of artists as not only artists but also writers, traversing the whole path between these two poles: Debussy, the composer and critic in his anonymous persona of Monsieur Croche the Dilettante Hater; Nietzsche, aphorist and composer, raising hell and defying heaven in his "Joyful Science"; Van Gogh, painter and passionate diarist in the letters to his dear brother Theo.

Truth be told it’s a recent invention—the idea that artists only ever do one thing. But artists have always been masters of arts in general; this includes writing, which is really another form of thinking. For if one is doing art and thought right—at the right depths, at the right times, and to the right degrees—one will have no choice but to eventually hit the bedrock of existence with philosophy.

Eric Christian’s A Symphony of Thought is a delightful book of aphorisms, an exercise in the exploration of an artist’s full spectrum of thought. It is a portrait of the artist in the valleys between the mountain peaks that are his music, and a window into what things might occupy the mind of a classical composer in our time.”—Manasseh David Israel, THE AMERICAN SUBLIME

A Symphony of Thought has been released under Hemispheres, an imprint of American Sublime Publishing.

It is available for purchase worldwide via Amazon.

With more to come,

Manasseh David Israel, editor-in-chief at The American Sublime Magazine