My Ideal Audience

By Menashe David Israel

Admittedly, my ideal audience is a bit extra. According to most - they “take art too seriously.”

According to themselves they take art “exactly as it should be taken.”

In a world where all that was once sacred is now mocked, my ideal audience treats theatre like church—poems like scripture.

In this after-Modern theme of sugar pop and other ephemera, my ideal audience is drinking bitter wine out of the available cups, reading sweet smoky pages from the Oxford Book of English Verse—out loud and under fire; holding forth an elegant middle gesture to the mocking world...

On this spinning post-Shakespearean globe, post-Virgil, post-Homer, post-Solomon—

My ideal audience does not care for careless displays of non-dramatic irony, nor for that propaganda which seeks to mutilate the myths; or for those moralizing immortalists who hate death, rebirth, and the hero’s journey.

In this post-Euclidean, post-Galileean, post-Copernican, post-Newtonian universe; beyond all gods, truth, or reason; where the last anti-man now hunts for the perfect sub-atomic vibration, my ideal audience—knowing that light is approximate—is at least certain that some things have predictive power. ☗

Menashe David Israel is the editor-in-chief of The American Sublime magazine.