My Bubble That Is Jaffa

A reflection on Israeli-Palestinian chaos in May 2021.

I live in a bubble - and that bubble is Jaffa. I wake up in the morning and drink my bubble-y coffee, go to my bubble-y studio, and make bubble-y work. My son goes to a bubble-y school. One in which Arabs and Jews co-exist, learn of one another’s holidays, visit one another’s homes and respect and even celebrate the colors and differences between us.

My husband and I teach our babies bubble-y values - to do good, to share, to give, to respect and compromise, to create happiness wherever we go, to live life to our bubble-y fullest.

And right outside my bubble are regular beautiful people that don’t have my fortune and privilege. That were born on the wrong side of the bubble, that long for a bubble of their own. And I pray for them. 

And right outside my bubble are unbubbly old ugly men doing such unbubbly old ugly things. And I pray for them too. I pray that they’ll one day see that the Bubble is what it’s actually all about. That if we’d all just live this bubbly way and practice the bubbly values that we teach our babies - maybe, just maybe we could all live bubbly ever after. ☗

Arielle Tayar is a creative director, entrepreneur, and writer. She lives in Tel Aviv with her husband and two young children.