The American Sublime is pleased to announce the publication of its first book: A Symphony of Thought, written by American composer and pianist, Eric Ch…
A poem from the heart and anvil of the world.
From LA to Baja by Brian Wertheim, photographer
A reflection on Israeli-Palestinian chaos in May 2021.
By Menashe David Israel
By María Bird Picó
Here, waterfalls are so tall they almost Scratch the clouds. They are Named after Angels, their tears Fertilize the grounds.
By Gabriel Martínez Barre, Antonio Di Bianco, Christian Doig
By José ‘The Volcano’ Figueira Pinto (feat. Jaime Sabines)
Three poems by Senén Orlando Pupo, Abe Kimball, and Menashe D. Israel. Spanish translations by M. Paleso.
Sometime in the 2020s